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Greenwood Games 3D Printing is a professional service dedicated to turning your digital designs into tangible objects. We accept requests through our contact page and can handle orders ranging from a single part to hundreds of pieces.

Our primary material is PLA+, an eco-friendly plastic derived from plant materials. We also offer a variety of other thermoplastics, including TPU rubber, PETG, ABS, and more. For guidance on the best material for your specific design and application, please request help through the contact page when you inquire about the service.

Our capabilities include both FDM printing for standard projects and SLA resin printing for high-resolution parts. SLA printing allows for the creation of exceptionally detailed models. Additionally, we provide tougher polyurethane parts, ideal for ready-to-use applications, which surpass the durability of traditional SLA resin parts.

We cater to a diverse range of needs, including:
- Figurines for board games
- Architectural models
- Prototypes
- Production runs for large quantities
- Replacement parts for older equipment or furniture
- School or university projects
- Toys and novelties
- Electronics housings
- Molds and stamps

Contact Greenwood Games 3D Printing today to bring your designs to life with our professional 3D printing services.

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